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Taken and Held Characters

Taken Characters


Mods and other Communities

Please add the mod journals and communities.

gothere_mod - mod

anothercomod - spy mod

gothere_thought - Private Thought Community


Aaron "Sully" Sullivan

Alex Nunez

Ashley Kerwin

Angela Jeremiah

Caitlin Ryan

Chester Hosoda

Chris Sharpe

Craig Manning

Danny Van Zandt

Darcy Edwards

Dean Roberts

Dylan Michalchuk

Ellie Nash

Emma Nelson

Gavin "Spinner" Mason

Hazel Aden

Heather Sinclaire

Jay Hogart

J.T. Yorke


Jimmy Brooks

Joey Jeremiah

Kendra Mason

Manny Santos

Marco Del Rossi

Matt Oleander

Mia Jones

Mr. Armstrong

Mrs. Kwan

Ms. (Daphne) Hatzilakos

Nate Sullivan

Paige Michalchuk

Peter Stone

Sean Cameron

Snake Simpson

Spike Nelson

Terri McGreggor

Toby Isaacs



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